IMS cutting machine

CirCut PCB VCut Depanelers/Separators
– board separation without the stress

The Circut depaneler has been developed to separate/depanel v-cut scored, component-loaded PCBs cleanly and effortlessly.
As surface mounted components continue to get smaller and more delicate, it is increasingly important to reduce distortion in the depaneling “breakout” process. This reduces scrap rates and “in the field” failures, which prove costly in terms of down-time, replacement and customer confidence.
Circut depaneler/separators for scored boards

•one step separation & finishing
•depanels boards with components upto 70mm tall
•1mm clearance required for separation
•small separator channel required*
•panels from 0.5 to 3mm thick depaneled effortlessly
•separates panels upto 700mm
•compensates for inconsistent web-thickness
•handles intermittant scoring
•edge conditioning to reduce fibres
•hardened and ground blades & guides
• can accept boards with component overhang*
•quick & simple setup
•manually operated or powered versions available
* components can be adjacent to the score-line on one side of the blade and small components 1mm away on the other side, increasing to a maximum requirement of 3mm for tall components.
*manually powered circut can be designed to accept component overhang